[PATCH] D47111: <experimental/memory_resource>: Implement monotonic_buffer_resource.

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Tue Jul 3 23:23:46 PDT 2018

EricWF added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D47111#1151714, @Quuxplusone wrote:

> > I'll take a pass at the tests tomorrow. Some pointers in general:
> > 
> > - Tests should be named after the component they test, not how they're testing it.
> > - All the tests for a single component should be in the same file.
> I'm certain I'm doing it fairly wrong and you'll have to give me specific handholds like "merge these two tests into one file", "rename this file to x.cpp", etc.
>  The current large number of files is only because *last* iteration, you told me to split up the tests from "one big monotonic_buffer.pass.cpp" into one file per test!

I'm sorry, I don't mean to jerk you around. I'm still learning to be a reviewer. I'll provide some specific examples to avoid the ambiguity from before.

> The problem with "one file per component" is that I don't understand what a "component" is in this context. From last iteration, I know that "all of `monotonic_buffer_resource`" is too big of a component! I also know that it's impossible to test `deallocate` without also calling `allocate`, but the reverse is not true.

Again, my apologies.

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