[PATCH] D48852: [Sema] -Wformat-pedantic only for NSInteger/NSUInteger %tu/%td on Darwin

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Mon Jul 2 14:41:55 PDT 2018

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The '%tu'/'%td' as formatting specifiers have been used to print out the NSInteger/NSUInteger values for a long time. Typically their ABI matches (i.e. ptrdiff_t = NSInteger), but that's not the case on watchOS (ptrdiff_t = long, NSInteger = int). These specifiers trigger -Wformat warnings only for watchOS builds, which is really inconvenient for cross-platform code.

This patch avoids this `-Wformat` warning for '%tu'/'%td' and NS[U]Integer only, and instead uses the new `-Wformat-pedantic` warning that JF introduced in https://reviews.llvm.org/D47290. This is acceptable because Darwin guarantees that, despite the watchOS ABI differences, sizeof(ptrdiff_t) == sizeof(NS[U]Integer), so the warning is therefore noisy for pedantic reasons. Once this is in I'll update public documentation.


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