[PATCH] D36860: [Driver] Recognize DevDiv internal builds of MSVC, with a different directory structure

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Mon Aug 28 16:49:22 PDT 2017

On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 6:59 PM Stephan T. Lavavej via Phabricator via
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> STL_MSFT added a comment.
> In https://reviews.llvm.org/D36860#846232, @thakis wrote:
> > Many driver tests check in a basic representative directory structure
> (e.g. test/Driver/Inputs/basic_freebsd_tree/ and its many siblings).
> >
> > But if you're happy with others breaking this code, I suppose having no
> tests is ok; I imagine most people won't use this code :-)
> I can't check in copies of `cl.exe` and `link.exe` (the former's version
> is inspected, so it can't just be a dummy file).

Version as in file metadata, or version as in "cl -v" printed output or the

If it's file metadata (such that Clang can discover it without having to
run the binary on a test machine) might be worth making a dummy file with
just the version metadata in it.

But yeah *shrug* your call

> I'm happy without upstream tests for this logic. In the long run, I hope
> that we can eliminate this internal directory structure and make it
> identical to the released directory structure.
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D36860
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