[PATCH] D18624: [PGO] PGOFuncName meta data if PGOFuncName is different from function's raw name.

Rong Xu via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 21 12:00:51 PDT 2016

xur added a comment.

I was using spec-run where the command line has the pathless filename.

The source in Atam's command-line has the absolute path.
In meta-data creation, we used Module's getSourceFileName() which has the
source name appeared in the command line (in this case, a full patch name).

While in Clang's setFuncName, it uses CGM.getCodeGenOpts().MainFileName.
This string strips the path from the source.

I can expand function createPGOFuncNameMetadata() to handle this (I mean
using the stripped name).

But I need to point out that stripping the patch may not a good idea as it
greatly increases the change name conflicts:
If we have
static bar() in dir1/foo.c
static bar() in dir2/foo.c

if the user compiler with:

> clang ... dir1/foo.c

>  clang ... dir2/foo.c

With Clang's scheme, both functions would have PGOFuncName of foo.c:bar().
In IR instrumentation, we will have different name in this case:
dir1/foo.c:bar(), and dir2/foo.c:bar()

Of course, if the user compiles the code the following way:

> cd dir1; clang foo.c

> cd ../dir2; clang foo.c

we will have conflict for both instrumentation.
In this case, we can suggestion the user to have the relative path in the
build line.


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