[PATCH] D19247: Deprecate C++03 <functional> Extensions: std::function, std::mem_fn and more

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Mon Apr 18 17:04:17 PDT 2016

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This patch deprecates almost all C++03 extensions offered by <functional>. These extensions started as fallback implementations for compilers without variadic template support.
Since compiler support is no longer an issue I would like to remove these features. The end goal is to remove both `<__functional_03>` and `<__functional_base_03>` entirely. 

The features this patch deprecates are:

* `std::function`
* `std::mem_fn`
* `std::reference_wrapper::operator()`

Although `reference_wrapper` is C++11 only I chose to only deprecate the variadic call operator. The rest of the class will remain as an extension.

Killing these features allows us to kill the C++03 implementation of INVOKE and it's related traits, which have a poor QoI with a large maintenance burden. 



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