[PATCH] D18369: [OpenCL] Upstreaming khronos OpenCL header file.

Alexey Bader via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Apr 18 10:34:14 PDT 2016

bader added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Headers/opencl.h:14473-14474
@@ +14472,4 @@
+float4 __const_func __attribute__((overloadable)) read_imagef(read_only image2d_t image, sampler_t sampler, int2 coord);
+float4 __const_func __attribute__((overloadable)) read_imagef(read_only image2d_t image, sampler_t sampler, float2 coord);
'const' attribute can't be applied to the read_image* functions, because image2d_t it's handle to the image that located in global memory:

"Basically this is just slightly more strict class than the pure attribute below, since function is not allowed to read global memory.
Note that a function that has pointer arguments and examines the data pointed to must not be declared const. Likewise, a function that calls a non-const function usually must not be const"


Please, apply 'pure' attribute.


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