[Patch][ObjC][Proposal] NSValue literals

AlexDenisov 1101.debian at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 09:24:35 PST 2014

No worries, that’s fine. At least I have time to improve the patch.
Here is the new version, final one, I’d say.
I renamed the patch to reflect what it really does.

In this version:

 - support for NSRange
 - support for NS/CG Rect, Size, Point
 - support for Nonretained Object (+ valueWithNonretainedObject:(id)obj )
 - support for Pointer (+ valueWithPointer:(const void *)pointer )
 - CodeGenObjC tests, both ARC and non-ARC
 - SemaObjC tests
 - cleanups and fixes based on previous comments

P.S. Previously I mentioned support for structures based on method name (valueWith<StructName>), I don’t know is it a good idea or not and still expect to get any feedback, if it’s possible of course. Otherwise, I would stick to current implementation.
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