update the "-cl-kernel-arg-info" option for SPIR

Ribulous Barnulous rnickb731 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 21:37:41 PST 2014

Currently, kernel argument metadata is omitted unless the
"-cl-kernel-arg-info" option is specified.

But according to the latest SPIR specification
section 2.4, all metadata except for the kernel_arg_name nodes should be
emitted, and kernel_arg_name is only emitted when "-cl-kernel-arg-info" is

"""Kernel argument specific information is preserved using metadata
objects. These objects are gen- erated for every kernel, with an exception
for the kernel arg name metadata, which is generated only when the
build option is specified for compilation. The metadata nodes describing
the kernel argument info are in the form of a string tag, and then a list
of the corresponding data for each one of the kernel’s arguments."""

This patch fixes the behavior of the option and updates the associated test

It is a follow up to this bug report:

Let me know if you have questions or would like any further changes. -
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