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Good to know, thank you for the fast response.
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On 17 Nov 2014 at 19:35:29, jahanian (fjahanian at apple.com) wrote:

This is good extension of auto boxing syntax to include other object types which can be contained in NSValue.
This is also a language extension to Objective-C.
We have language review process in place that we need to go through for any new extensions. Please wait till we have exhausted 
this process. Thank you for working on this.

- Fariborz

On Nov 16, 2014, at 10:15 AM, AlexDenisov <1101.debian at gmail.com> wrote:

Patch extends boxing expressions to support NSValue.

Some C structures might be boxed into a NSValue, e.g.: NSPoint, CGPoint, NSRect, etc.
This patch extends boxing expressions to accept the structures, that could be used to construct NSValue object:

NSPoint p;
NSValue *point = @(p);
CGRect r;
NSValue rect = @(r);

Full list of supported structures:
NSPoint, NSSize, NSRect, CGPoint, CGSize, CGRect, NSRange.

Software Engineer, https://github.com/AlexDenisov
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