[OpenCL] CL2.0 restricts coversions of pointers to different address spaces

Anastasia Stulova anastasia.stulova at arm.com
Mon Nov 17 10:26:39 PST 2014

An update is attached here!


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Could the two bool isAddressSpaceOverlapping() methods share code somehow?

Otherwise LGTM (but I'm still learning the Clang code base!).

On 11/11/2014 08:13 PM, Anastasia Stulova wrote:
> Hello,
> In this patch I added restrictions for conversions of pointers to 
> different address spaces as explained below.
> OpenCLv2.0 C spec s6.5 adds __generic (unnamed) address space to be 
> used as a place holder in case an address space is not known 
> statically or multiple are intended to be used with the same fragment of
> All named address spaces (that existed in the previous OpenCL 
> standards) except for __constant are subset of __generic one. 
> Conversions between pointers of different address spaces are regulated by
rules in s6.5.5 as follows:
> -The named address spaces  ( __global, __local, and __private) can be 
> converted to __generic implicitly. Generic -> named can only be done 
> with an explicit cast.
> -Conversions between pointers of named address spaces are  not allowed.
> -A pointer to the __constant address space can only be converted to a 
> pointer to the  __constant address space (either by an implicit cast 
> or by an explicit one).
> This patch depends on the change submitted previously:
> https://www.mail-archive.com/cfe-commits@cs.uiuc.edu/msg109232.html
> Thanks,
> Anastasia
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