[PATCH] Make pretty-print output valid OpenCL code

Paul Fox fox at emphotonics.com
Mon Jul 7 12:39:27 PDT 2014

Pretty-printing OpenCL code from an AST does not produce valid, 
compilable code. Making this possible is valuable for certain kinds of 
source-to-source translation.

In this patch, I try to rectify two issues with the pretty-printed code.


1) The AST treats "local" variable declarations as having a special 
storage class specifier, which pretty-prints as <<work-group-local>> in 
VisitVarDecl. As a result, these declarations give a syntax error when 
one attempts to compile the pretty-printed code.

2) VisitFunctionDecl will print function attributes after the function 
declaration, which is valid syntax for most attributes, but OpenCL 
function attributes specifically must come before the function declaration.


Paul Fox
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