r212060 - Consider module depedencies when checking a preamble in libclang

Ulrich Weigand Ulrich.Weigand at de.ibm.com
Mon Jul 7 08:17:59 PDT 2014

Ben Langmuir wrote:

+TEST_F(LibclangReparseTest, ReparseWithModule) {

This new test has been failing for me on powerpc64-linux:

[ RUN      ] LibclangReparseTest.ReparseWithModule
Value of: clang_getNumDiagnostics(ClangTU)
  Actual: 1
Expected: 0U
Which is: 0
[  FAILED  ] LibclangReparseTest.ReparseWithModule (74 ms)

When I look at the diagnostics, I get:
 "/tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede/MFile.m:2: error: variable has incomplete type
'struct Foo'"

And indeed running clang directly against the temporary files created by
the test case I get:
uweigand at bns:~> ./llvm/build/llvm-head-debug/Debug+Asserts/bin/clang
-fmodules -I /tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede /tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede/MFile.m
/tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede/MFile.m:2:25: error: variable has incomplete type
'struct Foo'
int main() { struct Foo foo; foo.bar = 7; foo.baz = 8; }
/tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede/MFile.m:2:21: note: forward declaration of
'struct Foo'
int main() { struct Foo foo; foo.bar = 7; foo.baz = 8; }
1 error generated.

Note that when I omit the -fmodules flag, I get another error, which is
presumably the one the test actually expects:
uweigand at bns:~> ./llvm/build/llvm-head-debug/Debug+Asserts/bin/clang
-I /tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede /tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede/MFile.m
/tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede/MFile.m:2:47: error: no member named 'baz' in
'struct Foo'; did you mean 'bar'?
int main() { struct Foo foo; foo.bar = 7; foo.baz = 8; }
/tmp/libclang-test-6a8ede/HeaderFile.h:3:18: note: 'bar' declared here
struct Foo { int bar;
1 error generated.

I have no idea why this behavior would be in any way platform-specific ...
any thoughts?

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