[PATCH] MinGW toolchain

Ruben Van Boxem vanboxem.ruben at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 06:34:15 PDT 2014


  I'm the original author of the patch, and hereby I officially contribute the code contained in this commit :-).

  I understand the missing MinGW.org support code, this needs to be fixed, although IMHO that would classify as legacy support, as MinGW.org has been abandoned by all major Linux distro's, there is no support for 64-bit, nor any support for much of the newer Windows and DirectX APIs. But that is irrelevant to the discussion here.

  The reason I chose for hardcoded paths is twofold:
  1. inheriting from Generic_GCC was impossible because this would break or at least do evil things for the Linux cross-compilers. The current solution "hardcodes" the standard paths, which means (apart from GCC version detection) the standard install directories everywhere (official Windows binaries, major Linux distribution cross-compilers such as Arch, Debian, Ubuntu.
  2. This makes Clang more GCC independent, which is the final goal (remove all dependencies on GCC) and will allow MinGW-w64 Clang to be a standalone solution.

  The second point is far off future, as the GCC runtime libraries (and some startup code) are still linked at this point. This patch does away with any GCC executable dependencies, though.


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