[PATCH] [REFACTOR] Sema::MatchTemplateParametersToScopeSpecifier

Faisal Vali faisalv at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 18 21:26:56 PDT 2014

Hi rsmith, doug.gregor,

Refactor MatchTemplateParameterToScopeSpecifier by:
  - breaking the behemoth into a bunch of smaller functions and associating them into an implementation class
  - separating some of the diagnostic details out into its own class. 

I am submitting this refactoring for review (and not committing it right away) because i'm not convinced the refactoring
is a clear improvement - specifically, I wonder if this is making the code harder to read?  Some seasoned thoughts on 
this refactoring will be much appreciated.

This refactoring is being performed in anticipation of submitting patches for DR727 which will allow explicit specializations
to be defined in-class/out-of-class.  Additionally there is a slight change in the diagnostic for PR19340 which Richard committed as: r206444.  
The message now indicates that the specialization is merely missing an empty template header (and will become legal once that is provided post DR727).



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