[PATCH] Tablegen support for function-like attribute subjects

Aaron Ballman aaron at aaronballman.com
Sun Jan 5 16:45:13 PST 2014

This patch adds support for "function-like" attribute subjects. We
previously had a helper method that lived in SemaDeclAttr.cpp which
determined whether something was similar enough to a function type to
suffice. There was a FIXME stating that this (and subsequent helpers)
should probably be moved elsewhere. This patch moves them to the Decl
class, with the original semantics, which then allows for us to make a
declarative statement about them in Attr.td.

There's a bit of bookkeeping that had to happen in
ClangAttrEmitter.cpp to handle the notion of a subject which accepts a
Decl (and a FIXME added to Attr.td to make it work).

This patch updates a handful of attributes to demonstrate the utility,
but there are a few more attributes which could likely be moved over.

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