[PATCH] Refactored Clang-tidy for better reusability.

Manuel Klimek klimek at google.com
Thu Jan 2 11:06:34 PST 2014


Comment at: clang-tidy/ClangTidy.h:107-109
@@ +106,5 @@
+/// FIXME: Ideally we'd want to build a more generic way to use
+/// \c FrontendAction based checkers in clang-tidy, but that needs some
+/// preparation work first.
+class ClangTidyAction : public ASTFrontendAction {
Alexander Kornienko wrote:
> Manuel Klimek wrote:
> > Why?
> I'm not sure what exactly did you mean when writing this, and I was thinking already about asking you, if this comment is still applicable.
Yea, I don't understand my own fixme any more... Probably we should delete it :)

Comment at: clang-tidy/ClangTidy.h:110
@@ +109,3 @@
+  /// \brief Returns an action that runs the specified clang-tidy checks.
+  virtual FrontendAction *create() LLVM_OVERRIDE;
Cool. One question is whether it's worth having this small function (with the trivial class) in here at all. Do we expect this to be called outside of clang-tidy itself?




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