[PATCH][AArch64] Add support for vget/vset_lane_f16 ACLE functions

Chad Rosier mcrosier at codeaurora.org
Mon Nov 25 13:58:26 PST 2013

> Hi Chad,
>> According to the latest documentation I have the ACLE prototypes for
>> vget/vset_lane_f16 are:
>> float16_t vget_lane_f16(float16x4_t v, const int lane)
> My interpretation has always been that the prototypes and calling
> conventions of the intrinsics themselves are merely notional. If the
> program ever gets into the state of having to call one of them,
> something has gone horribly wrong. They indicate the type-checking
> desired of a compiler, but not much else (and that's QoI).
> That said, it appears the online ACLE I was referring to does date
> from 2011. Do you have a more recent one, and does it promote __fp16
> to a more first-class status?

Ana Pazos and I have discussed this and I don't believe anything has
changed since 2011.  The half-float type shouldn't be passed as an
argument or used as a return type.  To that end..

> If not, the usual approach would be to implement these particular
> intrinsics in terms of some macro expansion so that calling
> conventions don't come into it.

I'm working on this type of solution now.  Thanks, Tim.

> Tim.

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