[PATCH] Basic correction of "-" or ">" to "->" (PR9054)

Kaelyn Uhrain rikka at google.com
Thu Oct 31 22:06:36 PDT 2013

Attached is an initial patch for trying to correct a missing "-" or ">" to
"->" when accessing a member through an object pointer. This patch also
doesn't work for C code as C seems to hit a different code path. I'm
sending the patch out for pre-commit review even though it is a small and
fairly unobtrusive (code-wise) patch because I'm a bit iffy on whether it's
a good way to perform the diagnostic.

For a bit of context, what makes this diagnostic tricky is that the
original error about the unknown identifier after the "-" or ">" occurs
well within Sema as the parser is handling the RHS of a binary operator,
but the recovery would require following a code path in the parser that was
part of the construction of the LHS. And since Sema cannot tell the parser
to back up a few steps....

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