[PATCH] Local classes in templates (PR9685 fix)

Erik Olofsson erik.olofsson at hansoft.se
Sun Aug 11 14:20:44 PDT 2013

  How would DR1484 interact with function return type deduction. Would this still not require the patch?

    template <typename Type>
    struct Container {
      template <typename InnerType>
      auto Test(InnerType Param) {
        Type Local;
        return Local.LocalFunction(Param);

    template <typename FuncType>
    auto Func(FuncType Param) {
      auto Lambda = [] (auto ParamInner) {
          return FuncType()  + ParamInner;
      return Container<decltype(Lambda)>();

    int main() {
      auto LocalContainer = Func(5);
      auto Value = LocalContainer.Test(5.5);
      return 0;


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