[PATCH] [analyzer] Factor common code from {SymSym,SymInt,IntSym}Expr to BinarySymExpr

Jordan Rose jordan_rose at apple.com
Thu Apr 11 09:13:51 PDT 2013

On Apr 10, 2013, at 20:53 , Anna Zaks <ganna at apple.com> wrote:

> Ryan,
> The patch looks good to me. See a couple of minor comments below.
> Cheers,
> Anna.
> -    Profile(ID, LHS, Op, RHS, T);
> +    Profile(ID, LHS, this->getOpcode(), RHS, this->getType());
> Is there a reason you are using 'this' instead of just calling the getter?
> +/// SymIntExpr - Represents symbolic expression like 'x' + 3.
> We use doxygen style comments in the later commits. For example, see the comment for RuntimeDefinition class in CallEvent.h.

In particular, please don't repeat the name of the class in the doc comment.


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