[PATCH] Force a load when creating a reference to a temporary copied from a bitfield.

Doug Gregor dgregor at apple.com
Wed Apr 10 10:47:56 PDT 2013

Comment at: lib/Sema/SemaInit.cpp:3383
@@ +3382,3 @@
+    assert(!ICS.isBad());
+    Sequence.AddConversionSequenceStep(ICS, cv1T1);
+    return VK_RValue;
A conversion sequence step is a fairly heavy way to introduce an lvalue-to-rvalue conversion. Why not add a new InitializationSequence::StepKind that simply maps down to a  CK_LValueToRRalue implicit cast? I guess one would still have to potentially add a qualification conversion step, but I'd prefer that simple path over a full ICS.

Comment at: lib/AST/ExprConstant.cpp:2869
@@ -2871,1 +2868,3 @@
+  if (E->getType()->isRecordType())
+    return EvaluateTemporary(E->GetTemporaryExpr(), Result, Info);

Dare we kill CodeGen's hackery for this AST brokenness as well?


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