[PATCH] Introducing initial UseAuto transform

Edwin Vane edwin.vane at intel.com
Fri Feb 15 14:30:21 PST 2013

  Work in progress on safer iterator detection.

  Based on our conversations, I've redone the iterator detection. This patch is
  highly unpolished and I'm posting it for feedback on the algorithm. I now detect
  only standard iterator names of standard containers or more sugared types. This
  work is done all by matchers now. Some notes on the matchers:
  - I'm thinking about contributing hasDeclContext, hasSpecifier, namesType to
    the ASTMatchers library.
    - Also included would be the 'has member getDecl' type traits test.
  - hasDecl2 is similar to hasDecl except it's more generic. Is it safe to replace
    the existing one that works only on typedefs? If so, how should we distinguish
    it from hasDeclaration which has similar behaviour but looks through sugar.
  - The matchers hasStd*Name() is really just to avoid needing more overloads of
    allOf(). They're slightly more efficient than the alternative too.

Hi klimek,



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