[cfe-commits] [llvm-commits] [PATCH] Add llvm.fmuladd intrinsic.

Lang Hames lhames at gmail.com
Tue May 29 21:14:39 PDT 2012

Hi Evan,

Right, the comment should not talk about "legal". The code in
> SelectionDAGBuilder.cpp should check TLI.isOperationLegal(ISD::FMA, ty) in
> addition to isFMACheap(). We don't want to combine two checks in one.

Agreed - Legal was a poor choice of terms. I don't know if we want to check
TLI.isOperationLegal(...) though - an llvm.fma.* call (which is what we
lower to) will always be legal, the only thing we care about is whether
it's cheap right? (Which boils down to whether the target has an efficient
fma instruction).

- Lang.
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