[cfe-commits] r147326 - bindings/python/clang/cindex.py

Tom Schuster tom at schuster.me
Fri Dec 30 10:18:01 PST 2011

So rafael (Thanks!), landed the CursorKind part of this, but suggested
that somebody should comment on the get_referenced name.


On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 3:31 PM, Tom Schuster <tom at schuster.me> wrote:
> This patch add new CursKind exposed in Index.h
> I also added get_referenced_cursor, because I needed that function. I
> didn't call it get_reference, because clang_getCursorReferenced seems
> to do quite different things for different Cursors.
> This is my first patch here.
> ~Tom
> Author: Tom Schuster <evilpies at gmail.com> /* Please not tom AT sc... . me */

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