[cfe-commits] [PATCH] ParseFunctionDeclarator

John Freeman jfreeman at cse.tamu.edu
Wed Jun 29 11:06:16 PDT 2011

This patch extracts a copy-pasted code path into a new function, 
ParseParameterDeclarationClause, that will also be used for lambda 
expressions. Clang still passed all tests with these changes.

In C++, ParseFunctionDeclarator parses some extra bits after a function 
parameter list:


This code was identical in two places within ParseFunctionDeclarator: 
once each for empty and non-empty parameter lists.

As part of the factoring, some new code was introduced into the path for 
empty parameter lists, notably entering prototype scope for the above 
sequence. I am not as familiar with the language as some of the experts 
here, so I do not know if this change is improper. It does not appear to 
have affected the tests.

I added some FIXMEs to the new function, 
ParseParameterDeclarationClause. Comments on those would be appreciated.
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