[cfe-commits] r124153 - in /cfe/trunk: lib/CodeGen/CGExprScalar.cpp lib/Sema/SemaExpr.cpp test/CodeGen/builtins-ppc-altivec.c test/SemaCXX/altivec.cpp

Anton Yartsev anton.yartsev at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 19:39:28 PST 2011

On 05.02.2011 6:22, Eric Christopher wrote:
> On Feb 4, 2011, at 7:19 PM, Anton Yartsev wrote:
>> could you please provide any information on the problem? which platform and what kind of failure was it?
> Mmm.. that was 800 revisions ago. Not really. If you recommit it you should watch the build bots (anyone that commits should watch the build bots) or your email and figure out which one failed. I think it was x86 darwin. Basically the checks in your testcases weren't matching.
> -eric
ok, thanks Eric!


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