[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Check access and ambiguity of delete operator

Alex Miller millerdevel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 15:07:06 PST 2011

> Patch looks good. Could you provide a test case that we can integrate into
> Clang's test suite, e.g., that extends test/SemaCXX/new-delete.cpp?


> > If someone could point out how to turn the QualType instance representing
> 'Foo *' into just 'Foo', I'd appreciate it.
> Isn't PointeeElem the type you want to print?
> In any case, if you want to dig out the type that a QualType T points to,
> use something like
>        if (const PointerType *PointerT = T->getAs<PointerType>()) {
>                // PointerT->getPointeeType() is the type that T points to
>        }

Thanks for pointing out that PointeeElem already held the right type. Fixed.

> Could you re-submit the patch with those tweaks? Thanks for working on
> this!
>        - Doug

Attached and no problem! :)

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