[cfe-commits] Checker and respondsToCallback

Ted Kremenek kremenek at apple.com
Thu Aug 5 21:18:21 PDT 2010

I think it's fair to require that Checker callbacks can't call each other.  If they need to call shared logic, they can use an internal, non-virtual function.

I think the SaveAndRestore is also not necessary in ResetCallbackFlag.  If GRExprEngine cares about the callback flag, it will reset it before calling the callback.  There is no need to restore it.

One disadvantage that I realized about putting this flag in Checker is that it makes checkers less thread-safe.  I'm not certain what direction we are heading it, but if Checkers were mostly stateless they could possibly be used by multiple GRExprEngines in multiple threads.  From this perspective, putting the flag in the CheckerContext object is better.

On Aug 5, 2010, at 12:14 PM, Jordy Rose wrote:

> Hm. Thanks to the fact that one callback may end up indirectly invoking
> another, this is not so simple. On the one hand, it does let us track the
> response for any callback. On the other, ResetCallbackFlag is a kludge.
> Holding off on committing for now.
> On Wed, 4 Aug 2010 17:10:17 -0700, Ted Kremenek <kremenek at apple.com>
> wrote:
>> That's not a bad idea at all.  In fact I really like it.  The value can
>> still get lazily set, but just stored with the Checker object.
>> On Aug 4, 2010, at 10:51 AM, Jordy Rose wrote:
>>> This is not a general solution, though. Alternately, we could just
> stick
>>> the flag in Checker rather than CheckerContext.
> <Checker-respondsToCallback.patch>

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