[cfe-commits] [patch] Don't use llvm::sys::getHostTriple

Rafael Espindola espindola at google.com
Mon Jul 5 06:36:18 PDT 2010


On 29 June 2010 00:30, Rafael Espindola <espindola at google.com> wrote:
> This is the last patch I need to build a native clang that targets ARMv7.
> The problem was that lvm::sys::getHostTriple would try to guess the
> host, and its logic is incomplete. llvm::sys::getHostTriple is correct
> for things like a jit, but for a compiler it should be possible to set
> host, build and target at build time.
> The correct fix would be to split the variable for host build and
> target, but this at least disables the host guessing.
> Not sure how to write a test for this, but now if I build clang with
> --host=armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabi I can just run "clang -c" and get
> armv7 code (movw + movt for example).
> Cheers,
> --
> Rafael Ávila de Espíndola

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola

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