[cfe-commits] Patch for review : Unicode step 2

AlisdairM public at alisdairm.net
Sat Jul 11 11:49:20 PDT 2009

Attached is my second candidate patch for Unicode support, which also
includes step 1.

This patch adds support for the new Unicode character types char16_t and
char32_t, which naturally touches quite a few files - hence the size of the

It does not yet support Unicode character or string literals, although most
of the string literal logic is in place. This will be step 3, although I
hope to incrementally commit phases 1 and 2 first <g>

Step 2 is also lacking cases, which are my next task before starting step 3.
I have naturally run proof-of-concept tests to show the feature works
without breaking things <g> but I want to clean them up a bit before
submitting as mainline tests.

So step 3 will implement literals for char16_t/char32_t.

Step 4 will enable the u8 and raw string literal support from patch 1.

Then I will look into generalised UCN/extended character support, and
user-defined literals.


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