[cfe-commits] Patch for review - unicode step 1

AlisdairM public at alisdairm.net
Fri Jul 10 13:30:42 PDT 2009

Attached is a patch for step 1 of my Unicode and enhanced literals support.
Looking for approval to commit.

For step 1, I updated StringLiteralParser to cope with all varieties of
prefix for a literal, but have not yet started work on suffices for
user-defined literals.
Note that although the logic is here, there is no change in functionality
yet!  The next step is to update the lexer to pass along these new literals.

As there is not supposed to be a change of functionality, there are no tests
associated with this update.

There are 3 reasonable approaches for the next step, don't know which I'll
pick yet:

i/ provide full support for char16_t/char32_t types
ii/ update the lexer to spot raw string literals
iii/ extended character support in lexer

I'll post my latest ideas for (iii) in the dev list shortly.

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