[cfe-commits] r64994 - in /cfe/trunk/lib: AST/ExprConstant.cpp CodeGen/CGBlocks.cpp CodeGen/CGExprConstant.cpp CodeGen/CGExprScalar.cpp CodeGen/CodeGenModule.h

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Thu Feb 19 09:13:55 PST 2009

On Feb 19, 2009, at 9:08 AM, Fariborz Jahanian wrote:
>> Hmm, I might be confused about something, but take something like the
>> following (I haven't checked if this particular example compiles, but
>> this sort of thing is legal):
>> int a(int x) {
>> static int (^y)(void) = ^{x;};
>> return y();
>> }
> Above is illegal, as you are importing a local variable in a static
> block. gcc complains
> (which of course can be improved ):

Right, but Mike's change breaks this in clang.  Clang now incorrectly  
accepts this.


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