[cfe-commits] r61090 - in /cfe/trunk: include/clang/Basic/DiagnosticKinds.def lib/Sema/SemaDeclObjC.cpp test/SemaObjC/property-typecheck-2.m

Fariborz Jahanian fjahanian at apple.com
Wed Dec 17 09:58:01 PST 2008

On Dec 17, 2008, at 9:50 AM, Chris Lattner wrote:

> On Dec 17, 2008, at 9:22 AM, Fariborz Jahanian wrote:
>>> Can this test be merged into other files?  I'd prefer to not have  
>>> one file for each specific issue, rather have one file for each  
>>> class of language construct.  maybe the property-typecheck cases  
>>> can all be in one test file?
>> I would like to keep the test cases per feature. This makes  
>> regression checking a lot easier (a test failure will tell  which  
>> feature it failed).
>> I have a concern about putting every new ObjC feature test in the  
>> same file. This will make diagnosis of a regression very hard. Are
>> you suggesting that all ObjC sema checking goes into one single file?
> I'm not suggesting that every objc sema check goes in the same file,  
> just that we have slightly more granular tests, e.g. one for a  
> particular piece of properties.  Typically these tests are all  
> specific to a single function, so they can be extracted out if a  
> failure happens.

Yes. I misunderstood you. I have since removed my last test and moved  
it to a test case which does similar stuff.

- Fariborz

> -Chris

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