[cfe-commits] r51101 - in /cfe/trunk/win32: clangAST/clangAST.vcproj clangAnalysis/clangAnalysis.vcproj clangBasic/clangBasic.vcproj clangCodeGen/clangCodeGen.vcproj clangDriver/clangDriver.vcproj clangLex/clangLex.vcproj clangParse/clangParse.vcproj clangRewrite/clangRewrite.vcproj clangSema/clangSema.vcproj

Argiris Kirtzidis akyrtzi at gmail.com
Wed May 14 12:06:08 PDT 2008

Steve Naroff wrote:
> Argiris,
> At the moment, we build/test clang using VC++ 2005 (which this commit 
> breaks).
> Would it be possible to revert this and have two sets of project files?
> If so, I'd appreciate it. At the moment, I am unable to build on 
> Windows (and I'm not in a position to upgrade to VC++ 2008).

I did the upgrade because the LLVM VC++ projects were upgraded, thus the 
clang solution couldn't use them without an upgrade.

Shall I add two sets of project files for LLVM too ? The 2005 ones 
getting a '_vc8' postfix ?


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