[cfe-commits] Clang DebugInfo Patch for StopPoints.

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Mon May 5 11:15:06 PDT 2008

On May 5, 2008, at 12:36 AM, Gabor Greif wrote:

>> Why are you checking for BB equality here?  Wouldn't it be more
>> reasonable to check that the line # is the same instead of the full
>> location?  This would emit multiple stop points for things like:
>>   a = b; c = d;
>> right?
> There was once a Macintosh debugger called SADE which
> really tracked this information, so you needed to step twice
> to get to the next line.

GDB is the debugger that most people target, and it has no real column  
numbers support (AFAIK).  It would be easy to revisit this policy  
decision in the future.


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