[cfe-commits] r47439 - /cfe/trunk/CodeGen/CGExprConstant.cpp

Steve Naroff snaroff at apple.com
Thu Feb 21 10:24:46 PST 2008


Just as we have implicit/explicit casts, we would like to have  
implicit/explicit InitListExprs (though we don't necessarily need 2  
classes). See the comments in Expr.h:InitlistExpr...they may help.

At the moment, Sema is a bit behind the comments. When I finish what  
I'm working on, I may be able to get back to this...


On Feb 21, 2008, at 10:15 AM, Eli Friedman wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 10:09 AM, Lauro Ramos Venancio
> <lauro.venancio at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I think, it would be better to fix it in Sema.
> By doing what exactly?  We can't just toss out parts of the AST to
> make things easier for CodeGen.
> There's been some discussion of initializers on cfe-dev previously...
> I'd suggest looking at it to see what the issues are and what we're
> considering.  An alternative way of dealing with this issue in
> particular would be to mark "extra" braces so that CodeGen can check
> for that instead of having to figure it out itself.
> -Eli
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