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Date: Wed Jan  9 22:59:05 2008
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Added some text about the ccc script provided by Sanghyeon Seo.


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+<h3>GCC "Emulation" Driver</h3>
+While the <tt>clang</tt> executable is a compiler driver that can perform code
+generation, program analysis, and other actions, it is not designed to be a
+drop-in replacement for GCC's <tt>cc</tt>. There is interest in developing such
+a driver for clang, but in the interim the clang source tree includes a Python
+script <tt>ccc</tt> in the <tt>utils</tt> subdirectory that provides some of
+this functionality (the script is intended to be used where GCC's <tt>cc</tt>
+could be used). It is currently a work in progress, and eventually will likely
+be replaced by a more complete driver.
+<p>Example use:</p>
+<pre class="code">
+$ <b>ccc t.c</b>
+clang -emit-llvm-bc -o t.o -U__GNUC__ t.c
+llvm-ld -native -o a.out t.o
+$ <b>ls</b>
+a.out a.out.bc t.c t.o

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