[cfe-commits] r42866 - in /cfe/trunk: AST/Type.cpp Parse/ParseStmt.cpp test/Parser/objc-type-printing.m

Gabor Greif gabor at mac.com
Fri Oct 12 03:15:36 PDT 2007

Hi Fariborz,

this is what I get on sparc:

******************** TEST 'Sema/selector-overload.m' FAILED! ********************
 clang Sema/selector-overload.m -fsyntax-only
Sema/selector-overload.m:2:9: error: 'Foundation/NSObject.h' file not found
#import <Foundation/NSObject.h>
Sema/selector-overload.m:8:1: error: cannot find interface declaration for 'NSObject', superclass of 'Foo'
@interface Foo : NSObject
Sema/selector-overload.m:10:3: error: cannot find definition of 'id'
- method:(int)a;
Sema/selector-overload.m:11:3: error: cannot find definition of 'id'
- method:(int)a;
Segmentation Fault
******************** TEST 'Sema/selector-overload.m' FAILED! ********************

Especially the SEGV should not happen when the required objects are not found.
Please tell me if you need a backtrace or other info to track this down.



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