[cfe-commits] Some final notes

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Sat Oct 6 14:42:08 PDT 2007

I made some final changes to the site...  I did fix like two characters....  However, most of the changes are to provide information to whomever takes on the site in the future.

Since nobody is, obviously, gonna read every little change I made in the last commit, I'll include all of the relevant information in this email as well, to make things easier.

demo directory
I uploaded a demo directory recently, the explanation is as follows:
The demo directory is for the LLVM+Clang browser based demo.
It is supposed to work like the LLVM+GCC demo here: http://llvm.org/demo/ but for the BSD licensed Clang instead.

Perhaps it could also be used for getting crash information and details on errors....  I'm not sure if this would require some major changes or not to report this info.  Maybe also adding ways that people can use it to test for errors and a way to report such errors would also be good.

Anyways, right now, these file a basically just a copy of the LLVM+GCC demo (no changes have been made).  The files don't even work right in this location on the server.  As such, someone will need to edit the file or rewrite it.

If nobody in the LLVM community has the skills, one suggestion would be to post a request on a friendly Perl forum and see if anybody might be interested in taking on the challenge.

Alternatively, you could try a PHP, Python, Ruby, or Lisp mailing list and see if there are any takers who would be interested (and willing to do a rewrite to their language of choice).

BTW, once this feature was working, my intention was to link to it from the index.html page in the section entitled:
Try Clang

I also added a todo file, so people know about some things that might be worth pursuing in the future....

*) Style
I was a little worried about the style of the site... especially the color choices.  I felt that the color choices were not quite right to project the proper image for a serious compiler project.

*) Menu...
the menu is on the left now, but I also had a design where the menu was across the top....  If the page eventually gets integrated with the style/layout of the rest of the llvm.org site and ends up adding a lot of LLVM menus, then it might be necessary to go back to the top menu or figure out some other unique way of handling the side menu.

*) Features page
The features page was inspired by the features tour of the BeOS website from years back.  However, it may be necessary (and better for the image of Clang) to actually tone down the statements made on the features page so that they do not sound so glossed over and promotional... instead maybe aim a little more for the compiler developer audience who is very technically minded, by making things a little more raw and technical (and being completely honest about strengths and weaknesses instead of over-hyping so many points like I, unfortunately, ended up doing).

*) Status page -- it just needs to be filled out... :) basically the idea was to updated every so often with the status of things and maybe make a little note of what changed as the bottom, along with the date.  [Maybe an update every LLVM release, which is every 3 months?]

*) Getting involved
The "available tasks" section is hidden at the bottom... after the long examples section.  I'm not sure how to better do things there, but just noting a possible issue.

Lastly, the status page, has some helpful notes on what the general concept was for the page.  You are free, of course, implement it any way that would work best; the notes are just some possible concepts.
		Note to anyone editing this page:
		The "By Language" section is basically setup so that you
		1) Include a simple 1 or 2 word status by the language.
		2) Note a key points (whatever it may be) about the status.

		The "By Library" section was intended to be a little more detailed.
		Basically, take the same idea of a 1 or 2 word status and fill it in.

		If percentages would be better than a 1 or 2 word status,
		then that's possible as well.

		Lastly, is the "Status History" where you can make a few points about
		the updates that you made to the status page -- to give people kind of
		and idea of the progress of things.

		Perhaps following the 3 month LLVM release cycle might be one possible
		way to establish a regular schedule of updating the page -- supposing
		that 3 months would not be too often.


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