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Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Tue Jul 24 10:59:54 PDT 2007

Author: lattner
Date: Tue Jul 24 12:59:54 2007
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add a bare bones web page


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+<title>Minimal clang home page</title>
+This is a bare bones web page for the "clang" C front-end.  This project is to
+build a new C/C++/ObjC front-end for <a href="http://llvm.org">LLVM</a>.
+<p>The motivation for this project is described well in Steve Naroff's talk
+at the <a href="http://llvm.org/devmtg/2007-05/">2007 LLVM Developer Meeting</a>.
+A <a href="http://llvm.org/devmtg/2007-05/09-Naroff-CFE.mov">video</a> and 
+<a href="http://llvm.org/devmtg/2007-05/09-Naroff-CFE.pdf">slides</a> are 
+<p>To get and build the source, please follow <a 
+<p>If you are interested in discussing this work, please join the <a 
+href="http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/mailman/listinfo/cfe-dev">cfe-dev</a> mailing 
+list.  If you are interested in contributing to it or following its progress,
+please join the <a href="http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/mailman/listinfo/cfe-commits">
+cfe-commits</a> list.</p>
+<p>Please note that we don't consider this to be ready for people to take and
+compile random pieces of code with yet.  However, if you'd like to do so 
+<em>and</em> help fix problems exposed by doing so, we'd appreciate the help.</p>

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