[Openmp-dev] On Debian [was: Re: [3.8 Release] RC1 has been tagged]

Sylvestre Ledru via Openmp-dev openmp-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Jan 24 09:46:09 PST 2016

Le 20/01/2016 00:47, Hans Wennborg a écrit :
> Dear testers,
> Start your engines; 3.8.0-rc1 was just tagged from the 3.8 branch at
> r258223. (It took a little longer than I'd planned, sorry about that.)
> There are still a bunch of open merge requests and bug reports, but I
> wanted to get the tag in so we can see what the build and test status
> are on the various platforms.
> I verified that it currently builds and tests cleanly for me on x86_64
> Linux, Mac OS X* and Windows.
> Please build, test, and upload binaries to the sftp. Let me know if how it goes.
Uploaded in Debian. Waiting for approval as it is a new package.
By the way, I'd like to mention that it is the first upload in Debian
(and therefor Ubuntu) to be built with Cmake. I would like
to send a HUGE thanks to Andrew Wilkins who did all the work!
Many thanks. This also means that compiler-rt should be back soon
on http://llvm.org/apt/

However, under Debian amd64, the following clang  tests  are failing
    Clang :: CodeGen/address-safety-attr.cpp
    Clang :: CodeGen/asan-globals.cpp
    Clang :: CodeGen/linux-arm-atomic.c
    Clang :: CodeGen/sanitize-init-order.cpp
    Clang :: CodeGen/sanitize-thread-attr.cpp
    Clang :: CodeGen/ubsan-blacklist.c
    Clang :: Driver/arm-features.c
    Clang :: Driver/arm-ias-Wa.s
    Clang :: Driver/arm-mfpu.c
    Clang :: Preprocessor/arm-acle-6.5.c
    Clang :: Preprocessor/arm-target-features.c

I experienced the same test failures with 3.7.1 for the codegen tests:

I will have a look to the new tests when I have time.
Full log: http://sylvestre.ledru.info/bordel/clang-check.log
(forget about Sema/builtins.c & SemaCXX/warn-memsize-comparison.cpp,
they are knew known issues:
/ https://llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=11533 )


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