[Openmp-dev] Two patches

Wilmarth, Terry L terry.l.wilmarth at intel.com
Thu Mar 26 10:32:46 PDT 2015


Here are 2 more patches:

1.     hier1.patch: This short patch eliminates writing to the depth field of the machine_hierarchy data structure.  The write was unnecessary, as the depth can simply be pulled out of the data structure to a local variable, and then modified as needed.  This also allowed the removal of the base_depth field, because now the depth field is the base depth, and does not need to be modified.

2.     safe_api.patch: This patch is large, but very simple.  This change replaces banned C API calls with safe calls to meet the SDL guidelines. Most calls have their safe alternatives on Windows, but we just define macros for other platforms.

a.     kmp_safe_c_api.h defines macros that replace the banned calls

b.     APIs for non-windows platforms will be filled in later


Terry L. Wilmarth
terry.l.wilmarth at intel.com   217/403-4251
Intel/SSG/DPD/TCAR/RAD/Threading Runtimes

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