[Openmp-dev] Three patches: affinity cleanup, 8-bit atomics, types cleanup

Wilmarth, Terry L terry.l.wilmarth at intel.com
Mon Mar 9 09:09:40 PDT 2015

Thanks for the review Hal!

1) is not my patch (Johnny's I think), so I'll see if I or Andrey can figure out what the separate pieces are.    I really think a & b, and possibly c as well, are too closely related to separate easily.  Possibly d can be broken out.

2) The 1 in TCR_1 is a number of bytes, so it is the 8-bit version.  I added both R&W for completeness.  Agreed on the needed cleanup.  It's on our radar :)


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> Subject: [Openmp-dev] Three patches: affinity cleanup, 8-bit atomics,	types cleanup
> Hello,
> Three more patches:
> 1) aff_disabled.patch: Some affinity fixes/cleanup:
> a. Getting rid of proc_bind_disabled enum value. The disabled
> affinity functionality is flagged instead solely by
> __kmp_affinity_type = affinity_disabled. This solves the problem if
> a Linux machine doesn't support affinity for whatever reason and
> affinity is disabled then it maps to proc-bind-var to
> proc_bind_false (valid value) instead of proc_bind_disabled (invalid
> value).
> to go along with KMP_AFFINITY_CAPABLE(). In the grand scheme of
> things, we want to get rid of as many explicit references to the
> mask size as we can to aid hwloc importing. It’s also more readable.
> c. Unused affinity function __kmp_change_thread_affinity_mask()
> deleted.
> d. The first changes in kmp_affinity.cpp concern an incorrect warning
> that is produced when you use OMP_PLACES=0:num_hardware_threads. The
> warning states that you are trying to use the num_hardware_threads
> thread context when you really aren't. For example, on fxe12lin19
> (hyperthreaded), if you specify OMP_PLACES=0:24, it warns against
> using OS thread 24. But only OS threads 0-23 are actually being
> used. This change prevents the warning from being emitted.

This, LGTM, but please separate it into these pieces when you commit.

> 2) atomic8.patch: Adding some 8-bit atomic operations for future use.

+#define TCR_1(a)            (a)
+#define TCW_1(a,b)          (a) = (b)

Two questions:

 1. Why is TCW_1 added, you don't use it?
 2. Why don't you use the existing TCR_8/TCW_8 macros?

Otherwise, this is fine, although the similarities between the Linux and Win32 implementations is certainly unfortunate. This is a pre-existing issue, but we should probably clean that up too (the only differences seem to be __kmp_compare_and_store32 vs. KMP_COMPARE_AND_STORE_REL32, etc.).

> 3) cleanup.patch: Cleanup of unsigned types to be consistent for all
> topology related variables (requested by Hal Finkel).

LGTM, thanks!


> Thanks!
> Terry
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