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> Over on the commits list Hal pointed out that
> > These things, and the license headers, should really be committed
> > separately.
> > There are several different ways to separate a patch file into
> > separate commits
> > (and at least several of us here who have experience doing surgery
> > on patches).
> > Feel free to ask for advice (might as well do it on the dev list:
> > it is a common problem), and you shall receive it.
> So, Hal, please enlighten us.

I'll preface this by saying that there may yet be better ways, but here's what I've used...

First, I'd be remiss were I to neglect to mention that emacs has a really-nice patch-editing mode. Here's some documentation:
and if you really need to do some non-trivial surgery directly on a patch file, I've not found a better alternative (I normally use vim, but this is the one thing for which I use emacs). To use this for splitting, you'd make several copies of the patch file and, in each, delete the non-relevant parts from each.

Next, I'll strongly recommend that you use 'git svn' to manage your interaction with the upstream subversion repository instead of using svn directly. I should mention that, since the OpenMP repository does not have much history, you can just do a full clone:
  git svn clone https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/openmp/trunk openmp-trunk
if you try this with LLVM or Clang, it will take a *long* time because it tries to replay the remote repository one commit at a time. For this, add -r HEAD so that it will just start at the latest commit. There's lots of information out there on using git svn, including:

To the topic at hand, once you're using git locally, you can read "Splitting up commits the easy way" (http://cbx33.github.io/gitt/afterhours5-1.html) which talks about how to use git's interactive staging feature to split up a large patch file and commit it in separate pieces. This can be done both using command-line tools and also using 'git gui' if you'd prefer the GUI-based interface.

If you'd like more information and/or help on any of these, please feel free to ask.

Thanks again,

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