[Openmp-dev] OpenMP+CLANG RTL && Polly && Future Dev

John Leidel (jleidel) jleidel at micron.com
Sat Dec 14 06:43:29 PST 2013

All, first, kudos to everyone that have worked ever so hard to get this project off the ground.  Native OpenMP support in CLANG w/ a properly licensed RTL is wonderful.  A few quick questions regarding the ongoing development and testing of the aforementioned code bases.  

- Has there been any testing associated with Polly's automatic parallelization backend and CLANG's native OpenMP layer + Intel RTL?  [really Intel's RTL]
- I attended the OpenMP BOF at SC13 and noted the work on supporting an ARM port of the RTL.  Will there be a formal procedure in the future to support easier porting+integration+testing of new architecture targets [or updated ports for existing targets]?  
- Has there been any thought given to decoupling the RTL backend threading/tasking layer from the language + openmp compat layers?  EG, it might be advantageous in the future to support threading/tasking layers such as Qthreads.  This especially makes sense on targets with higher degrees of hardware parallelism such as Intel KNC, Convey MX, et al. 
- Do we have a running list of development 'Todo' items yet? [CLANG layer and RTL layer]  I saw some notional description of various things that could be done at the SC13 BOF.  I wasn't sure if there were owners for the individual items yet or people interested in implementing the changes.  

Again, thanks for all the hard work so far.  Very pleased to see this come to fruition.  I'm very much looking forward to participating in the community development moving forward.  


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