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Sun Jun 30 07:22:19 PDT 2019

I saw an email about 8.0.1 being not quite out, and planning for 9.0.0.
When is 8.0.1 supposed to come out?

I installed llvm at develop on x86 on March 30, and its clang says it is version 9.0.0 (trunk 357348).  I tried to do
another spack install llvm at develop, but it said that I already had it installed.  Does that mean there
were no changes since March 30, or does spack not look for any changes?

I also tried spack install llvm at develop on a POWER9  (ppc641e) machine, but I can not find a compiler that
will compile it.  gcc 4.8.5 is reported as too old, and gcc 7.3.0 and 8.1.0 both fail in the same place:

 >> 9069    /home/msi3/hpct/spack/var/spack/stage/llvm-develop-iu3myet5ceoz4q7
              error: '(9.223372036854775807e+18 / 1.0e+9)' is not a constant ex

Can anyone tell me what compiler to use, or how to get past this error?

		Marty Itzkowitz
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