[llvm-dev] LAA behavior on Incorrect #pragma omp simd.

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Wed Jun 26 11:40:59 PDT 2019

Best regards,
Alexey Bataev

26.06.2019 11:09, Doerfert, Johannes via llvm-dev пишет:
> Hi Rajasekhar,
> thanks for reporting this.
> On 06/26, Raja Sekhar Bhetala via llvm-dev wrote:
>> The specification on this loop is incorrect as the parallel_accesses
>> metadata indicate that there is no loop carried memory dependence, which is
>> not true in this case.
> First, I think the lowering is actually broken if a simdlen is given.
> Since we use parallel_accesses metadata it indicates the loop is free of
> dependences but #pragma simd simdlen(4) means we are allowed to assume
> there are no loop carried dependences of length smaller than 4.
>> Shouldn't the compiler not Vectorize if it can prove that there is a loop
>> carried dependence and the Vectorizer will generate an incorrect code ?
>> Or Should it blindly follow the user directive (without a warning) ?
> I'm always on the fence when it comes to these questions. I think we
> should blindly follow the directives but offer a flag that globally
> turns on warning for such odd situations.

Currently, there could be some problems. Vectorizer has only 3 modes: no
vectorization, analysis+vectorization and unconditional vectorization,
as I understand. If we want to add the mode where we could emit at least
warnings for possible incorrect vectorization, we need a new mode:
analysis+unconditional vectorization.

As an alternative, we can add an option (disabled by default, because
the behavior does not meet the standard) to emit the OpenMP simd loops
in analysis+vectorization (hint) mode.

>> It is very difficult for the user to identify the real source of the
>> problem if the compiler vectorizes the loop silently. I agree its hard to
>> detect incorrect specifications. But for cases, where it is easy to detect
>> we should atleast dump a warning.
> No default warning, that will clutter the output. On second though,
> maybe if the we determine the given information is plain wrong.
> Cheers,
>   Johannes
> -- Johannes Doerfert Researcher Argonne National Laboratory Lemont, IL
> 60439, USA jdoerfert at anl.gov
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