[llvm-dev] Questions about moving from MCJIT to Orc JIT

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Thu Jun 27 01:30:07 PDT 2019

Hey Praveen,

Thanks for your help! I still have questions and try providing some context.

For questions:
2.) I exactly mean that! Sadly I was not able to understand how to use the ‘define’ function, I tried that:
[cid:image001.png at 01D52CCF.B4668E10]
I had no idea how to deal with that >o<

2.1.) With MCJIT I was actually used to getting the name of a function and then ‘answering’ with an address. Is that behavior not possible with OrcJIT anymore? I actually tried looking into the ‘setGenerator’ function of the JITDylib. As a test I came up with this:
[cid:image002.png at 01D52CD0.5B8D6330]
This was pretty cool, because I actually saw the missing function ‘puts’ but I have no idea how to reply with an  address for ‘puts’. Returning ‘Names’ actually makes the application pause and not go on.

4.) I used the code of Kaleidoscope JIT for my little experiments. If I understood it correctly, the JIT process is completed after I used the lookup function to find a symbol in the code. Now I would like to reset the instance of the Kaleidoscope JIT I had, to jit new modules, which are not related to the previous modules I jitted.
Kind greetings

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Hi Bjoern,
CC'ing Lang hames

For questions,
1. In short yes, you can replace the memory manager, default one provided is section memory manager.

2. If you mean by " address of already compiled code", yes you can do that.
 Like this
 JITDylib.define(absoluteSymbols, ( Your_own_symbol , JITTargetAddress(Address of function))), now ORC can resolve all the references to Your_own_symbol to the provided the Address.

3. Yes, all the class/function with legacy prefix will be removed in subsequent releases.

4. Could please provide some more context on this? Like it's usage model, what goal you are aiming for?

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