[llvm-dev] Running distributed thinLTO without thin archives.

Tanoy Sinha via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jun 17 14:46:26 PDT 2019

I'm trying to run distributed ThinLTO without thin archives.
When I do, I get an error in the optimizer when clang tries to open a
nonexistent file:

clang++ -flto=thin -Xclang -fno-lto-unit -O3 -c main.cpp -o main.o
clang++ -flto=thin -Xclang -fno-lto-unit -O3 -c lib/lib.cpp -o lib/lib.o
clang++ -flto=thin -Xclang -fno-lto-unit -O3 -c src/lib.cpp -o src/lib.o
llvm-ar -format gnu qcs lib.a lib/lib.o src/lib.o
clang++ -flto=thin -o index -O3
-Wl,-plugin-opt,thinlto-emit-imports-files main.o lib.a
clang++ -c -x ir main.o -O3 -flto=thin -o main-native.o
Error loading imported file 'lib.a.llvm.2596.lib.cpp': No such file or

In this case, gold has registered the modules within my archive with
The string "lib.a.llvm.2596.lib.cpp" is generated with the archive in
question, plus an offset indicating where in the archive the particular
object file is.
Unfortunately, when the optimizer tries to include the proper modules,
it's naively looking for a bitcode file with the name of the string
provided, but there's obviously no "lib.a.llvm.2596.lib.cpp" for it to open.

Has anyone else tried to get clang to understand distributed ThinLTO when
using non thin archives?
Is there some way to get clang to understand these out of the box?

I'm actually a little confused about the ".cpp" in
Seems like it should be a ".o"?

It didn't seem like there was anything out of the box that supported this.
I was looking at having clang actually read in the archive file and
register the correct bitcode module.
I wanted to run it by the list to get some second opinions before I started
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