[llvm-dev] Using the new pass manager for CodeGen

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Thu Jun 13 13:48:05 PDT 2019


I am looking into potentially porting CodeGen and some of the passes to using the new pass manager. Two questions:

1. Has anybody made an attempt in this direction already? Maybe I am missing a branch out there that has started on this already. From what I can tell, there is no work in-tree in CodeGen that is aware of the new pass manager besides some assembly utilities in BackendUtils.cpp. My initial thoughts in this direction were that there would need to be some new pass manager machinery, for example, things like FunctionToMachineFunctionPassAdaptor that handles what MachineFunctionPass::runOnFunction used to do, along with the associated AnalysisManager plumbing to understand units of MIR.

2. Are there any compile time improvements expected from porting CodeGen passes in the first place? As far as I can tell, the llc pass pipeline seems to be fairly well fixed in terms of phase ordering, and all the analyses are thrown out from opt anyway.

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